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The most common questions we get from our clients

  • I recommend 1-2 days prior.
  • For weddings, 2 days prior works best as tan is completely developed and settled on your skin.
  • If you're going away, it’s best the day before.

Tan Care

Cancellation Policy

We understand sometimes unforeseeable circumstances can arise, but we have to be strict, fair and consistent with all clients, therefore, NO exceptions will be made. Covid no longer is an unforeseen reason to cancel your appointment. Late cancellations will incur a lost session.

Late arrival of more than 10min will cancel your appointment and at a cost to the client. You will not be able to reschedule or receive a refund, We will do our best to accommodate when time permits . We don’t accept the responsibility of late arrivals as onus is on the client.

Rescheduling an appointment must be done 48 hours prior to your appointment. We understand life and unexpected things may happen but we have a fair all round policy that requires 48 hours notice to be able to reschedule your appointments.

Cancellation of appointment will revert to a store credit, no refunds are available.

I do no refund, only credits can be issued to be used at a later date (48 hours notice must be given).
•   Credits in 2020/ 2021 /2022 will expire May 1st 2023
•   All credits from 2023 have an expiration date of 6months from the time of issue.

I use a online booking system which is managed by you (the client) it is your responsibility to attend on time or to manage your booking.

You are able to reschedule your appointment though the booking system at anytime as long as it 48 hours prior to your appointment.

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